Premium Quality Photographic Printing

At True Click Point Photo studio & Color Lab we aim to give a PROFESSIONAL quality service at an affordable price. We check each photo that we print and make corrections if necessary so that you get the highest quality print – no more colour casts – no more detail lost! large high street stores mass printing can not compete with our professional printing standards.

Our ProLab prints stunning digital images from 3’x5’ to 30”x100’ from one roll of 30’ media ensuring perfect color matching Print Finishing: Automated XY finish print cutting, order sorting, back printing.
Print Speed: 24 inches per minute. Equals (per hour): 1440 – 4×6″, 480 – 8×10″, 240 – 11.x 14″, 69 – 20×30″, 35 – 30″x40″.
Image Resolution: 300 PPI; 425 PPI visual resolution with super LED
Resolution Enhancement Technology.
Color Depth: 36 bit